Kolos Ltd. - About us

KOLOS Ltd was established in 1997, with main field of activity import, distribution and wholesale of automotive LPG systems and accessories. Through diligence and correctness it quickly becomes one of the biggest companies on Bulgarian market in the LPG automotive sector, with an enormous distributor’s network.

The demand for a bigger variety of tank sizes for the LPG systems stimulates the beginning of own production and the first automotive LPG cylinder “KOLOS” is released in 1999 from the newly created factory. For the years of its existence as a producer the company successively increases its production capacities and its product range.

Kolos Ltd. - About us

Today the company has a big factory on its own land in the industrial zone of Veliko Turnovo. It is equipped with an automatic production line, operated by highly qualified and skilled personnel, who are frequently trained to work with the newly emerged on the market technologies.

The company has excellent human resources and personnel benefits policies. As a result more than 50% of the staff remains unchanged since the factory founding.

The network of clients covering almost the whole territory of Bulgaria is the best proof for the quality of our products.