Kolos Ltd. - Production

Kolos Ltd. - Production All the company’s production range is a result of a complete, semi-automatic production cycle.

It includes several production modules, functioning as autonomous production units.

The fully automatic 640 ton hydraulic press and precision rolls supply the two basic production elements – the shells and the endplates. The press is programmed and equipped with different moulds for the different types of endplates required – standard or deep drawn.

Assembly and welding of the cylinders is completed by a semi-automatic welding line.

All cylinders and tanks have a welded information plate with the necessary technical data, the name of the company and the date of production.

Kolos Ltd. - Production The ready product undergoes standard control system with hydraulic tests and defectoscopy of the seam-weld. After the tests the cylinders enter the completely automatic powder coating and annealing line.

Finally, the complete product undergoes a quality control and is stocked ready for dispatch.

More pictures about our production lines can be seen in our photo gallery.